Mass Text Messaging

Text messaging, or SMS, is the most effective, and convenient form of communication. People would rather leave a place without their wallets than their phones. Text-Local’s mass texting is easy to use and reliable. You can send millions of messages, and Text Local is smart enough to help you target the most relevant messages for your customers, delivering maximum results.
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Mass Text Messaging Features

Smart Targeting
Smart targeting allows relevant text messages to be sent and doubles results. It also reduces the chance for opt-outs.
Text Local automates SMS campaigns. It automatically  updates subscriber profiles, personalizes, and schedules sending.
Engagement Tools
With Text Local, text campaigns include engaging features like text-to-join, picture messaging (MMS), and more.

Grow Your Business

With text becoming more and more popular these days, its now easier to take advantage of it using your landline phone number. Text Local allows you to send and receive text messages through your landline number. Landline Texts can be accessed on the computer and responded to just like emails, or you can have them forwarded to your cell phone slo you don’t always have to log in to see the texts.This means you no longer have to give out your personal cell number to clients. You can also assign independent inboxes to employees if you have to.

Communicate to Groups

Text Local allows for Mass SMS, which lets you send a text to a large number of recipients, all at one time. With Text Local’s text messaging service, you, as a business owner can quickly send your message to any number of entire contact lists with a simple click of a button. Text Local also supports a large number of carriers, which includes hundreds of international ones, so this ensures you’ll be able to scale to a massive amount of messages easily and effortlessly. Text Local also makes collecting contact information super simple, and uploading your existing contact information easy.


Don’t Forget a Thing

With Text Local, you can send scheduled appointment reminders/alerts. This saves you the trouble of sitting around and waiting for the right time to click send. Text Local lets you schedule automated appointment reminders with our easy to use back-end. Its simple: just type in your message, set a date and time, and specify who you want the text to be sent to. Text Local takes care of the rest, waiting until the specified time to send your reminder alert.

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