Text Local is a Feature Rich Number One Provider of Mobile Marketing Solutions.
Text Local has a wide variety of features that is sure to help you increase your business. From SMS to Social media solutions, we have it all and we are very confident in the results you will get using Text Local.

SMS Marketing

Text messaging is an effective form of marketing, with an amazing 98 percent open rate and high response rates. SMS marketing yields a lot of responses and builds your brand image too.


Email Campaigns

Email still is an effective channel, evidenced by the 91% of consumers who check email at least once a day, and the 44% of email subscribers who purchase because of email marketing.

Email-Campaigns 2

Social Media

People are increasingly using Social Media to share information and interact with businesses. More than 90 percent of consumers follow businesses on social media for promotions.

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Mass Messaging
Mass Messaging is easy, reliable, and helps you target the most relevant messages for your subscribers, delivering results.
Appointment Reminders
Stop calling to remind about appointments and cut down on missed appointments with a simple text, save time.
Mobile Coupons
Mobile coupons get 10 x the redemption rate vs print coupons, send out special offers via bulk messaging to your customers.
Loyalty Programs
Retain more customers automatically with your own branded loyalty rewards program and replace easily misplaced paper punch cards.
Two Step Opt-in
Helps you avoid being spammy and gives your audience a choice on whether to receive your text notifications about offers or not.
QR Codes
SMS QR Codes allows customers to send you pre-defined messages, including sweepstakes, donations, and contact requests.

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Marketing Automation

  • Smart Targeting
  • Automated Messaging
  • Report Manager
  • Cross-Channel Automation

Push Notifications

  • Reach Instantly
  • Engage Audience
  • Send Offers
  • Increase Conversions

Voice Broadcast

  • Phone Calls
  • Voice Messaging
  • Promotional Alerts
  • Informational Alerts