When someone opts out of your text marketing program, you could potentially lose a customer. You’ll no longer communicate with that person via your preferred method, and you therefore risk losing contact entirely.

What’s the solution? Give your prospects and customers reasons to stay connected to you via text. Use these three quick tips to discourage text marketing opt-outs and to continue growing your list.

1. Offer the Option to Resubscribe

Who hasn’t made a mistake while using a smartphone? (Image via Pixabay)

Smartphones have tiny screens, which automatically makes mistakes more likely. Have you ever typed a key by mistake and failed to realize it? If so, you know that some text marketing opt-outs will happen by accident.

In this case, it makes sense to give them the option to resubscribe. If they accidentally text “N” when they mean “Y,” for instance, they can automatically get back in the game and resume receiving your messages.

It’s simple to add a few words to the end of each SMS you send your customers:

  • Unsubscribe by mistake? Reply with [keyword].
  • Want back in? Just reply [keyword].
  • We’d love to have you back! To rejoin, reply with [keyword].

You can experiment with different wording options to figure out which works best.

This technique can also work if someone unsubscribes on purpose, then rethinks his or her decision. We all get frustrated with the volume of messages we receive every day, and sometimes we make split-second choices that we later regret. Give your text message marketing subscribers the chance to come back to the fold.

2. Segment By Frequency

We all have different tastes when it comes to marketing consumption. One customer might want to receive a coupon or notification about new sales every day, while another might want to hear from your business just once a week or once per month.

Just as you segment your email marketing list, you can divide up your text marketing list based on the frequency of messages your customers desire. That way, you don’t irritate busy consumers with texts they don’t want to receive, and you don’t lose touch with customers who want to hear from you more often.

Segmenting your list in other ways can also help you stop opt-outs. For instance, you might offer several services to your customers, then create an SMS texting program for each service. Based on the customer’s interests, you send messages that are custom-tailored for their needs.

3. Get to the Point

Don’t waste time getting to the point if you want to encourage continued patronage. (Image via Pixabay)

Your target audience has deadlines to meet, children to pick up from school, spouses to touch base with, and friends to meet for coffee. If you waste their time, they’ll opt out of your text messaging program without thinking twice.

How do you escape this problem? You get to the point immediately. In the first line of your text message, clearly explain the benefit your customer will derive from reading the rest. Don’t waste space with pithy plays on words or funny quips.

For instance, if you’re offering a 20 percent discount on all online purchases for the day, you might start your text like this:

  • Today only! 20% off your entire online purchase.
  • Want 20% off our entire stock? It’s today only.
  • Get 20% off everything for one day only.

You see the pattern. Lead with the benefit, then follow with any necessary instructions or fine print.

Text message list opt-outs can bring down business, but you might sidestep a few of those opt-outs with the tips above.

SOURCE: https://www.eztexting.com/blog/3-quick-tips-keeping-text-marketing-list-opt-outs-low