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7 Ways to Reinforce Your Brand with Social Media

Social media has become one of the most important tools in a brand’s toolbox, but it’s a waste of time if you don’t know how to use it. Your messaging must be crafted with the sole intention of supporting and reinforcing your brand. There are several working parts that need your attention. Let’s explore them..

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14 Business SMS Messages Everyone Needs To Use

Today we start with a question about sending business SMS messages… It seems like I get this question all the time… What sms messages do I need to send? Can I get sample SMS messages to use? These are great questions and I’m going to answer them today. image:×300.png-600×600.png To put it simply there..

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Upselling Through Email to Maximize Sales

As we approach Christmas and the craziness of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday events, we should highlight the importance of upselling products and services to maximise revenue. In this article we explain what upselling is and how email marketing plays a part in connecting with customers who are already engaged. What is Upselling? Upselling..

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Is SMS Marketing Right For Your Brand? 6 Things to Consider

Marketers talk about mobile as the future of marketing all the time. We fully acknowledge that customers carry their smartphones with them everywhere; that mobile devices drive more traffic to websites than desktops; and that mobile owns a greater portion of email open rates. Yet many mobile marketing channels — for instance, SMS or text-message..

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