In a world of digital marketing, inbound marketing, and content marketing as the new black; engaging articles, captivating infographics and highly targeted and localized marketing content have become the order of the day. Companies large and small are seeking out the help of professional translation services providers to help them tailor their message to an international audience and conquer a wider market share.

But in this age of highly sophisticated, high quality content, if you think that text messages are a thing of the past, then think again. With an increasing amount of the world’s population getting mobile these days and continued demand for cellular technology; if you’re not taking advantage of short message service (SMS) marketing, then you’re missing out on a cheap, effective and simple form of retaining your customers. Here are a few reasons why you should be using SMS marketing for your business.

SMS Marketing is Immediate

There’s no design element involved. No long, drawn-out plans for campaigns, printing costs, air time or an all-star sales team; you just craft your short message and send it. And sending out a bulk message to hundreds of customers takes no longer than sending out one simple message from your phone. When you sell products or services that customers want immediately, such FMCGs or medical assistance, what better way to reach a customer than instantly on their phone?

They Get Read

SMS marketing trumps all other forms of marketing with a staggering open rate of 98%. Something about its instantaneity and easy personalization, and the fact that you can get your message into the palm of your customers’ hands in seconds, makes this the perfect marketing medium.

While of course it goes without saying that you need to send out a targeted campaign to subscribed customers;do make sure that you also consider the time you send the message, the frequency with which your messages, and the relevancy of your text. Remember that it’s way better to send out less messages with higher impact than more that don’t cause any action to be taken.

SMS Marketing is Simple

In a society getting more and more used to having an uninterrupted flow of information at our fingertips, the level of noise we receive from advertisers on a day to day basis is almost deafening. People are busy, customers are jaded. Their inboxes are full and they don’t want to speak on the phone. SMS marketing is deliciously simple, quick and direct, without being over-invasive.

It’s Cheap

SMS marketing is a very cost-effective way of generating leads. You’ll only spend a few cents per message and you’ll manage an entirely trackable, budget scalable campaign that delivers good returns and will have your products literally flying off the shelves.

So if you’re looking to boost customer retention, generate more leads, and sell more products or services without spending a fortune on advertising campaigns or a ton of hours on social media, check out the power of the text message for your business.